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Monthly Archives: April 2009

it’s seriously done!

my website is done! i’m waiting for it to go live! and now that the process of getting that done is over with i can take the time to sleep, and blog, again! i’m so excited! and i’m getting used to this new blog! i’ve got big plans for it! so, check back soon for some super snazzy blog posts, and check for my website- YAY!

if you found my blog through my website & want to see my older posts click here: schill family website

it will be up for a bit until i’ve logged some serious blogs on here!

Going the wrong way

We don’t know what we are doing with this new blog, but it is always fun to learn something new!!!

WEBSITE COMING SOON!  I’M SO EXCITED I CAN BARELY STAND IT!  AND THIS BLOG WILL FOR SURE START BEING UPDATED SOON!  the excitement of the new, real website and the easter season and my big upcoming birthday have been keeping me very busy!  and i’m not so good with new technology these days. sheesh!  blessings, js