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Monthly Archives: May 2009

fun mommy tips…#1

i’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now…my main job is mommy, and everything that goes with it: wife, mommy, chauffeur, chef, caterer, stylist, personal shopper, sherpa, accountant, party planner, nose wiper, boo-boo kisser, snuggler, story teller, shoe tier, baker, & one of my own personal choosing lately-photographer!  and i love this job!  it’s all i’ve ever wanted to do and doing anything else is such a bonus!  i truly feel like if this photographer thing happens not to work out for me i’ll be completely happy spending my free time doing mommy things or watching reality tv, err, um, i mean reading a really important book! =)  in being a mom for the last three years i’ve found that most solicited advice is usually very helpful, and most unsolicited advice is unwanted information-i think someone else said that once, but can’t remember who?!  and i love sharing my tips with friends!  so, if you’re reading this then we’re friends and for all you fun mommies(and daddies or caretakers, of course) here are a few tips that i’ve found helpful along the way.  enjoy!

tip#1 freeze your milk like this:

and while you’re at it, make a list of what you freeze so that you can use the oldest first when it comes time for someone else to feed your sweet babe!  then you can just stick them in a little box in your freezer all filed away nice and neat!  I’d like to state for the record that this came in very handy with hl since i pumped over 200oz of milk for her!  and yes, i felt like a dairy cow at times but it was totally worth it!

OH!  and if you have a fun mommy tip, email me!  i’ll post yours too and give you a shout-out for being a fun mommy!  blessings

DISCLAIMER (because my hubby is a lawyer): my advice is simply that!  it’s not sound medical advice or approved by anyone else but me!  you should really ask your doc, midwife, local pd, dog catcher, fish hatchery, lactation consultant, fireman, meter maid, or someone else you trust before just doing what i say-unless you’re olivia or harper lynn!

the funny things livi says…

the morning of livi’s third birthday i opened the door and said: “happy birthday princess!” o:”today?” me:”yes, today!  happy birthday!  how are old you today?” o (holding up three fingers):”i’m THREE!”-5/09 so cute!!

i was having a conversation with a friend about tv for kids, yes livi gets to watch 1 hour of tv/day-and usually after a bit she gets bored with it and runs to her toy room to have a tea party or bring me books to read her. so i was saying how there are so many things that she’s not allowed to watch like sponge bob for instance and she bursts out with:

“you’re mom let me watch sponge bob!” -5/09 gee, thanks mumsy! =)

oh me, oh my…

so, last week was crazy!  bike races, denver, livi’s big 3rd birthday & party, harper lynn got her first tooth and along with it a 101 degree fever for a few days until that little sucker popped through!  we had company from oklahoma and a really fun girls night-pics soon to come of all the festivities!  we did about 10 loads of laundry yesterday, cleaned the floors, and i picked up everything so that i could wake up this morning to a nice straight house and spend the afternoon working and relaxing while the girls slept.  so, i was looking forward to a nice relaxing day today.  we had a play date planned, taking lunch to a sweet friend with a sweet new baby, and then i was going to catch up on my reality tv and work a little on christmas card designs and other various business things that i love to do. well, HA!  that was not in the cards for me this morning!  as the saying goes: “we plan, and God laughs!”  last week both girls slept until at least 8 every single morning!  yesterday and this morning they were both up by 7:15am!  the first thing i hear after harper’s sweet little voice letting us know she was awake is andrew, asking me for the zofran!  YIKES!  for all of you out there that aren’t so familiar with your pharmaceuticals, zofran is an anti-nausea med that worked wonders on me when i was prego with harper!  ok, so zantac & zofran with a coca-cola chaser and on to get the girls who are by now both babbling to themselves in their rooms!  so, i open livi’s door and find her already shuffling through her books and choosing what i should read to her first.  then i get harper lynn out of bed, bring her down and feed her.  hmmm…all is well so far, just need some coffee and i’ll be good to go!  i check on my hubby, he’s feeling rotten.  uh, oh-this is when things start to go down hill at about 8:15 a.m.!   now, keep in mind that andrew is the hardest working person i have ever known, so when he’s out of commission i feel kind of lost and frustrated because i know for that time i’ll be getting a third child in the form of a 34-year-old, 6’1″ tall man!  anyhow, i go upstairs to get the girls clothes so that we can escape the-house-of-the-sick-hubby as soon as they’re both dressed and fed.  i go in livi’s room and notice a smell.  a definite puke-like smell!  i flip on the overhead light to survey her bed and there it is…PUKE!  a bunch of it!  all over her bed and splattered on her wall just missing her darling flowery blik stickers.  YUCK!!!  CRAP!!!  she threw up in her bed and slept in it!  how does something like that happen?  i noticed that morning that her hair looked strangely curly for just having slept on it.  i promptly came downstairs to get hl & put her down for her morning nap and check on my pukey three-year-old.  she smelled like throw up for sure.  eww!  poor baby!  so, i tossed her in the tub and cancelled our plans for the day.  checked on the hubs-he was half passed out and in need of more drink, dry crackers, and pain meds for a headache that suddenly came on while i was dealing with the new princess of puke.  i stripped her bed and settled in for a long day at home which consisted of watching cars & ratatouille, snuggling, and getting out a bunch of harper’s toys to try to keep her happy while we were quarantined.  i did manage to escape while all three of them slept to drop off some client packets at the post office and pick up a few things at the store.  in case anyone is wondering, i now have cabin fever!  hopefully tomorrow will be better and everyone in my house will feel better.  see you then…

happy birthday olivia


my firstborn is 3 today!  i remember my pregnancy with her fondly: the surprise of finding out i was pregnant,  working at the d.a.’s office 60 hours a week up until i had her, finishing a triathlon while pregnant with her, such an easy pregnancy, and then a super easy labor & birth!  five hours of labor-she was a piece of cake!  livi has been such a wonderful blessing to our family!  our first child, my mom’s first grandchild, the first girl grandchild on andrew’s side.  an amazing, healthy little baby girl!  she’s just so wonderful!  when we go to bed each night our heads hardly hit the pillow before we can say how cute and wonderful our girls are.  i can’t wait to see what the years ahead hold for us as we watch her grow up.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVIA ELIZABETH!  i love you little girl-growing up to be a big girl!

unhappy feet…

so i’m trying to get as many entries as i can so that i can go to the love affair workshop in july! one of the things is to get a pedicure. hmm…well last week was nuts, and this week i have a birth, newborn photos, an overnight trip to denver (driving), friends coming into town for the race, andrew racing in two events, and last but certainly not least-OLIVIA IS TURNING 3!!! so of course we’re having a small party for her with just local family, out of town friends that are here for the race, & our house church. that’s a lot!  so, sadly, i have no time to get my little piggies done!  well, hopefully all the other things will get me enough entries in the bucket to go to the workshop!  cross your fingers and say a prayer ya’ll!!  check it out-these ladies are amazing!love affair workshop