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Monthly Archives: June 2009

life is just…

a bowl of cherries!  i love summer!  so, i didn’t forget about my blog last week, i’ve just been enjoying time with my little family and trying to relax.  i’ve been catching up around the house and with my crazy month starting out with so many fun shoots.  we had my mom & andrews parents in town recently, and then andrew was out of town for work-which is very hard for me, i do not sleep when he’s not here!  and i’ve been making travel plans for our family vacation to europe this fall-and some other trips here & there!  overall, i just have the summer bug to be outside & sit on my porch.  livi is so fun to play with, & harper can sit up now, so she even enjoys being out on a blanket or in the saucer!  we go for walks, play with sidewalk chalk, pick flowers, it’s just so fun!  i love summer!  fruit is beautiful and ripe, there are so many things to do, especially living in this climate that also seems to be virtually bug-free.  it’s wonderful outside!

for father’s day one of our neighbors had his annual father’s day bbq and we had a great time eating & hanging out & watching the kids play outside on our quiet, little street!  yes, we’re one of the rare streets that know & spend time with ALL of our neighbors!  so, harper napped while we were outside, and livi discovered cherries.  i found her like this gobbling them up after we ate dinner and finally took them away for fear that she’d turn herself into a cherry if she kept eating them so fast!


enjoy the summer everyone!

andy. elise. married:bbq reception

andy & elise were married in costa rica earlier this year and wanted to celebrate their marriage with family & friends here in the states.  they had a really fun, casual bbq style party as their reception!  they had beautiful, delicious food, local hand-cut wildflowers, games on the lawn, & a great band.   it rained off and on as the party was getting started, but that didn’t stop anyone from having a great time!


i can’t choose between the one above and the one below…


andy told me:”we’re not the romantic type” i beg to differ!  having fun & being silly is very romantic!



he does make a lot of funny faces…



congratulations you two!

Stacie - June 23, 2009 - 7:15 pm

Oh I can’t decide either…they are both stunning. Maybe the 2nd one b/c you can tell by the look on his face, he is absolutely captivated by her!


last night we took mumsy to the Bar D Chuckwagon!  andrew’s parents were in town too, so the entire durango family went-all twelve of us including our okie house guests!  it was pretty fun, especially for the kiddos!  definitely a durango experience and tourist attraction.  we rode the little train for the kiddos, bought shiny rocks that we certainly don’t need, and then were the very last of the entire crowd to get in line to eat.  livi spent most of the evening snuggling her grandparents & cousins, and then did a little dancing with daddy when the music started..


andrew spent most of the evening making faces at me, harper spent the entire evening being super cute!


for a few minutes there i thought i was back home in oklahoma.  all that was missing was that familiar southern drawl!

Brittany Stover - June 21, 2009 - 10:14 pm

these are so stinkin’ cute. Hey! I miss you, next time you’re here, lets get together and shoot!

teeny ballereeny

maybe it’s just me, but i imagine that every mom of a little girl imagines a day when that little girl will want to go to dance class-specifically ballet!  and that little girl will have on tights & a leotard, she’ll have her hair pulled back neatly and be wearing darling, tiny pink slippers.  so, when livi started talking about wanting to go to ballet i was thrilled!  probably more than thrilled!

so we enrolled her in dance for the summer, ballet & creative dance for preschoolers.  i was excited for her & nervous.   for the most part we’ve always done mommy & me type classes up until now- i started taking her to mommy & me swimming at 6-months-old.  and she’s not in school yet, so she’s not accustomed to very much structure without guidance from a parent.

she got all dressed up in her black tights and pink leotard, and let me put her hair up in a ponytail and barrett’s.  she was so excited that she couldn’t wait to put her slippers on!  so, they opened the door and she went right in-ok so far!  they started class and she sort of participated, but mostly wanted to chat with everyone-she is so my daughter!  then, after a few times of lining up she completely lost focus.  she started running around like the little wild three-year-old that she is.  when her instructors sweetly asked her not to run she did what most kiddos would do, she looked at herself in the mirror and cried!  she felt sorry for herself for a while, and then came out to me.  i tried coaxing her back into the class, but she wouldn’t make it any further than sitting next to me watching everyone else in the class.  she said she’d like to try again next week.  i was proud of her nonetheless, it was a big milestone in my book!

her teachers were very encouraging and positive about the livi going back to class to try again, i really appreciated that!  i’ll let you know how the rest of her classes go!

Stacie - June 23, 2009 - 7:12 pm

My first comment didn’t stay for some reason…I don’t remember exactly what i said, but we love Livi!

ashley - June 22, 2009 - 7:57 pm

She looks so cute in her leotard and tights! How darling! I love this cute little thing who tries to get away with sitting in the middle of the street when im babysitting her :)