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Monthly Archives: August 2009

ashley. :durango senior photography:

say congratulations to ashley…she’s a senior this year!

i absolutely couldn’t narrow down my favorites & i know she’s anxious to see them, so here ya go…

i love seniors…they’ll go anywhere to get the shot!


i couldn’t choose between the color or the black & white…
ashley LOVES flowers, so i had a lot of fun including all of the gorgeous nature in the durango area…
congratulations ashley!   and thanks, you really rocked it out!

seniors are currently getting a $25 print credit when booking!  i’ll have other senior specials coming up for 2011 seniors…stay tuned or send me an e-mail if you wanna know the scoop!

brian. kathryn. aidan. daniel. taia. :durango family photographer:

i have been really blessed with great clients and this family was super fun!  kiddos with lots of energy keep me on my toes and make for a lot of fun memories, see…

i love it when the parents want a few shots of just them!  brian & kathryn were so cute together…

little moments like these are why i heart my clients & my job…

kathryn emailed to tell me that her kiddos wanted to do it all over again the next day…what a great blessing of a compliment!  thanks guys!  it was awesome running around with you for the evening!  let’s do it again sometime!

Stacie - August 31, 2009 - 8:30 pm

Oh my gosh, this family is so sweet. Their kids are adorable. You take some amazing photos friend!!

jake. annie. :durango love photographer: pt.1

last month, when i was in the denver area for a week, i met up with jake & annie.  they were up there for the summer while annie recorded her new album in boulder…it’s called “june”…it’s going to be amazing!  i can’t wait to rock out to it!

jake & annie are so cool!  they are both artists and extremely talented in many different genres: music…painting…drawing…graphic design…photography…they can pretty much do it all!


it makes my day when couples have chemistry like this…



there was something awkward & wonderful about this shot, all three of us love it but we don’t know why…


JUNE will be out the 2nd week of september with availability on itunes in early october!  to check out annie brooks music, learn more about this super cool chick, and find out dates for shows go to her site:

more to come of jake & annie…ya’ll come back now ya hear!

Stacie - August 30, 2009 - 7:13 pm

Jake and Annie are super cool… I remember meeting them at Livi’s party. These pics are more than fabulous! I’m definitely checking out her album!

the funny things livi says…

“can you give me some pribacy (privacy)? “-to me while she was going potty 08/09

on the plane i handed her the airsick bag and told her that it was in case her tummy felt bad.  she took it from me, held it flat against her stomach and said, “now my tummy feels much better!” -08/09

“mumsy, it’s easy!”-to my mom about getting her in her car seat & strapped in 08/09

before shopping one morning mumsy, livi, & i had this conversation:

mumsy:”livi what would you like to get”  livi:”i want an umbrella!”  me:”like mine?”  livi:”yes”  me:”well, go tell mumsy that you’d like to get a burberry umbrella”  livi:”mumsy, i want a burberry umbrella!”  mumsy:”you do!  well, go tell your mom that you need a job”  livi:”mommy, i need a job!” 08/09

“do you have a credit card?”-to mumsy as she was running into the gas station to buy some juice 08/09

hard at work…take a little wink

i am really super-duper excited about the shoots that i’m working on!  here’s a teeny tiny peek, we’ll call it a wink!  see…

jake & annie…two of the coolest people ever for sure!


a family that was wonderful to work with…three kiddos and such amazing chemistry…what a dream!


beautiful ashley…she’s back for her “for real” senior photos…they’re rockin’!


baby benny…i’ve waited three months to meet him & he was perfect…his parents are two of my favorite people on earth!


this awesome new product line is soon to hit etsy…you’ll fall in love with it!


tricia - September 5, 2009 - 8:55 pm

oh my goodness! beautiful! I can’t wait to see the rest!

Stacie - August 27, 2009 - 12:50 pm

Amazing! Can’t wait to see more!! And to get more details on the etsy products…it looks adorable!!

Amy Finney - August 27, 2009 - 6:29 am

Great pics Jan! Are you designing this new product line? They are adorable!!