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schill family christmas card. :2010:

i look forward to it for months…maybe even all year…christmas cards!!!!  i love the pictures, the design process, choosing the layout, the paper, the envelopes…i love sending them!!!  here is our 2010 christmas card…



it’s it fantastic!!!!!  the photos from our family session with brett butterstein…designed by yours truly!

i’d love to put you on the list for the cutest christmas card ever 2011…just send me your address!!!

Jan - December 31, 2010 - 4:30 pm

thank ladies!!! md-miss & love you! little alice is beautiful! can’t wait to chat with you in the new year!!!

megan doke - December 31, 2010 - 2:31 pm

loved your card…your work is beautiful and so is your fam! love and miss you!

Laura - December 29, 2010 - 4:16 pm

CUTE Christmas card. Merry Christmas, Jan, and happy new year!

update…closed until mid-february!

yep, i did it…and entire month without blogging!  it was kind of glorious…although i admit that i had a bit of separation anxiety at first.  and i wrote at least 10 posts in my head that i never blogged.  the time between thanksgiving and christmas is really sweet at our house.  andrew has a birthday… parties… dinners with friends… shopping… family… eating… cooking…wrapping gifts… baking…i didn’t want to miss it, and this year id didn’t!  so, i’m back…but i’m off until mid february!  we are attending the national prayer breakfast.  i had planned to go to peru, but those plans have changed, so we’ll see what comes my way instead.  and, since i am not doing a print ad, i will not have a booth at the wedding expo…so hopefully we can meet up at blossom one friday & talk wedding!!!  i love taking off for a few weeks!  i read…plan…this year i’ll be setting up my brand new home office…get taxes prepared…design samples…play outside in the snow with my littles…and keep from getting sick while photographing miserable, freezing littles for “fun family snow session” which actually end up being “kids cry frozen tears with snotty noses & bright red cheeks while my hands & camera freeze up then i get the flu sessions”!  they sound fun & beautiful and i will do them for that certain client, but they’re not session for everyone believe you-me!!!  we recently bought a gaggle of vintage hasselblad film gear & andrew & i are giddy to learn to use it!  the polaroid is so fun to pull from the camera and huddle around to see if we’ve properly exposed a single shot!  for the last year i have wanted to start learning to use film cameras…now i’ve got my chance!  so, i’m off until mid-february!  have a very happy new year…

see ya soon!!!

Jan - December 29, 2010 - 9:23 am

thanks so much trista…that makes my day!!! i should be blogging plenty…i’ve got a lot to blog since i’m such a chatterbox! i just won’t be doing sessions unless something really perfect comes along that can handle this snowy, cold wonderland! happy new year!!!

Trista - December 28, 2010 - 9:20 am

I’m glad you are taking a break but I will miss your blog updates :)

our lovely thanksgiving. :personal:

it was one of the best thanksgivings that i can remember.  we gathered at sarah,  dave, & dante’s to eat, drink, & be merry!  we cooked…drank wine…laughed…snuck cookies when the littles weren’t watching…the dads chatted…the littles played…then we sat to give thanks…for everything.  we prayed & filled our plates.we laughed & had the usual debate over the canned gelantinous cranberry jelly versus the real deal…i vote for cran in a can!!!  everyone was full of joy…even harper…it was lovely.

i think when you have such wonderful friends & family, the mess is even sweeter & more fun to clean up…

thank you friends for our lovely thanksgiving…i am so thankful for each of you!

be thankful.

this thanksgiving i will open my eyes & be thankful for all of this: andrew…harper…olivia…mumsy…my sissy’s…mimi & pa…our families far away…our home…our jobs…children that draw on everything & love to play outside…pj days…hot cookies…prosecco…modern family & glee…toys…clothes…shoes…bubbles…snuggles…laughter…friends…our dinner table…the porch where we sit at least half of the year…the list goes on & on.  i wake up & feel the urge to comaplain…so much to do…too early…so little time…someone is already whining…the coffee is not quite ready…andrew is off to work, then instantly i remember…i am so blessed…be quiet…be thankful!  and i am.

be thankful!

photo by our friend, the amazing brett butterstein

Josh McCullock - November 27, 2010 - 11:47 am

Great, great photo!