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Monthly Archives: February 2010

10/300. :colorado mom-ographer:

my destructo valentine:

harper has, very accurately, earned the nickname of “destructo” in our house.  she is such a busy body… she gets into everything!  one of her favorite places to destroy-besides the bathroom, my part of the closet, her toy bins, and the littles snack cabinet, is my desk.  ok, so yes, i should have it child locked, but there’s nothing dangerous in it & i don’t keep client paperwork or orders in my desk so it seems harmless… well, desk-meet harper lynn!  she has figured out that my sassy new task clips are so fun to watch flying around and that the feeling of each one hitting the carpet under her feet is extremely satisfying… she does it daily…

i have discovered since livi started school that i am definitely going to be “one of those moms”!  i like making individually decorated cupcakes… i like hand stitching her christmas stocking for school… i like making special valentine’s day labels and huge treat sacks filled with teeth rotting goodness!  we both quite enjoyed watching dora & stuffing her treat bags…until she started coughing up a lung & i got to finish the project…
our sweet friends jake & annie came over for dinner, & annie helped me finish up the project…thanks annie!


tammy. pt.4 :durango, co photojournalism:


tammy knew that after a round or two of chemo it was inevitable that she would start losing her hair.  from the beginning she chose this day to have her “head shaving party”.  many of their friends came & helped her with this milestone.

it took me literally months to decide how to blog about this event.  i went back & forth & round & round with the way to share this experience.  how do you share the experience of a beautiful, young mom shaving her head because she has breast cancer… what music is even close to appropriate… how many images are enough to capture the event.  it took me months!  so, i decided to share with you my favorite image from the whole event:

and share the entire event from beginning to end, HERE!

please keep praying for sweet, brave, beautiful tammy!  she is doing amazingly well, but her journey is not over yet!