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we’re back from 2ish weeks of travel…i’m exhausted, but really thankful to be home-even if it means there’s no pool or room service or mimi, pa, & mumsy to help with the littles! re-entry is hard for me! we go somewhere that there are no big responsibilities & have so much fun & then return to real life…and i have to make the bed myself!!! i know, i know…these are some serious princess problems…you’d think i’m complaining about breaking a nail! i am so thankful that we got to take some trips & have fun as a family…and thankful to wake up this morning in my own home with the rain tapping on the aspen leaves outside my bedroom window. now, it’s 10am… i am doing laundry, i already made the bed & fed the littles, & we’re all still in our pj’s…i guess i do love real life after all!

i do miss the broadmoor though…we get to go every other summer for a legal conference that andrew attends & i look forward to it for about 6 months before we arrive!!!

show me the mon-ay.

it was gone…where in the world had it gone?  a check…for someone else…from me!  and it completely vanished into thin air…drat!!!  i give away 25% of my earnings every quarter.  i donate it to a group or cause or person that seems in need & deserving of my hard earned money!  tax-deductible or not, i give away 25%!  and i chose who would be getting the donation, wrote the check, filled out the donation form, copied it for my file, and then it disappeared.  for months i wondered if i had sent it & forgotten.  i watched for it to come out of my account…it didn’t!  drat!!!  then, on monday, i went to make a copy of some paperwork for a client.  i turned on the printer…lifted the lid…and there it was…my donation…from june!!!  still sitting on the printer where i left it…because i’m really smart!  so, sometimes i miss place things, not very often, but sometimes!  maybe even my favorite burberry scarf from college will turn up at some point!  i’m so happy that i found it!  i hate losing things!  i hate it when the printer hides things from me…

tuesday shoesday. :14:

on my feet-just in time for monsoon season:


HUNTER tall gloss boot in violet…

they even have a place for your name…i find that quite darling…

get the sock liners too & stay cozy all winter long!

happy tuesday shoesday!

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Brit @ Landlocked Bride - August 24, 2010 - 10:49 pm

LOVE Hunter boots like it’s my job. I have a pair in red and they are my fave.

Janice Carnevale - August 24, 2010 - 11:25 am

I love these. They are so my style. Although I’d buy black so I could wear them to work. Great post!

i heart oklahoma.

it happens every time we get back from oklahoma…i’m homesick before we drive away…i heart oklahoma!  going home is always wonderful!  we eat too much, stay up too late, & i go to target a lot!  i get to see my besties & visit my college campus.  i get to see so many people that i love & miss that really make oklahoma feel like home…and, our family is there!

on our most recent trip we visited oklahoma for a wedding…it was wonderful!  seeing a dear friend marry his amazing bride…celebrating with them was an answer to prayer for both of them & they had such a beautiful wedding!  congrats grant & emma!  we love you guys!

when we go home we have our list of places to eat & visit.  chic-fil-a is at the top of my list & the first place we went…mmm, chicken biscuits are so delish!

while we were there the girls spent a ton of quality time with andrews parents, mimi & pa, & we caught up with our besties!  note to grandparents: GET YOUR GRANDCHILDREN A GINORMOUS WATER SLIDE!  they played on this every day for hours & never got sick of it…hl had to be physically removed from it for lunch & nap time! 

i got to meet up with my bestie & mentor hollib for cupcakes & pedicures with her daughter, haven, & olivia-because harper was sleeping & is far too young to sit for a pedi!!!

they watched a movie & chated over milk & cupcakes while holli & i had a chance to catch up…then we all crowded into the photobooth at crimson & whipped cream before heading out for pedicures.  the girls played on the ipod touch/iphones while waiting their turn for a mani/pedi.  unfortunately, i was all too caught up in my own pedi & chatting with holli to get a good shot of livi getting her first nail salon experience-but her nails looked marvelous!  haven was so sweet & asked why they can’t play more together…it made me with they could, she is such a sweetie!  i felt the same way, wanting to play in oklahoma more!!!

see ya’ll real soon!

HolliB - September 1, 2010 - 7:53 pm

yep, i am so “that” mom with an ipad…. LOVED seeing you!

janet wisner - August 24, 2010 - 11:15 am

i don’t mind telling you. this post made me teary. love this last picture.