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Monthly Archives: January 2011

under-wear. :personal:

for reasons that i cannot quite grasp..i am having such a hard time blogging lately!  i think of things…i have sessions to share…i have tammy & family to share, and for some reason i cannot get myself to blog it.  it’s like writers block…except i suppose it’s actually bloggers-block, or something!  i’ve been busy: planning work & family trips…designing 4 new album samples…planning to be part of a wedding show in a few weeks…redesigning my wedding information book…playing with the girls…watching movies with a…making myself at home in my new office!!!  but, it kind of feels like no excuse!  this is where mumsy keeps up with her little girls…where my sisters see their nieces…where clients see my work & get to know me…where my friends see what i’m doing when i claim to be “working”…where i share tammy’s brave story with you…where i vent & blab on about absolutely nothing.  nope, i’ve got no real excuse…just bloggers block.  so, i thought i should share something with you that is sure to crack you up…it works for me every time!

if you know me at all you probably know that i do not embarrass easily…not at all!  i love to laugh & even if it makes you laugh because you happen to see my 2-year-old covered in my unmentionables…it’s worth it!

so, harper lynn loves to play in my drawers…she actually loves to play anywhere that she is not supposed to play!  remember, we refer to her as “destructo” harper lynn: destroyer of all that is neat & clean!  so, when i caught her unloading my unmentionables drawer i giggled & asked her to put it all back…and as she did i left the room.  she was quiet for far too long, so i went back in to see what she was doing & i found this…instead of putting it all away, she put it all on…

we were laughing too hard to make her take it all off.  so, she wore it until she decided that she didn’t want to know victoria’s secret after all… i love you little miss destructo!

let’s hope my bloggers block wears off really soon because i’m really missing this little corner of life!

have a great weekend everyone!

S - February 11, 2011 - 6:44 am

Ahhh! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 😉 I remember the days when you used to play in Mumsy’s make-up…my fave look was your take on the Smokey Eye…full black circles around your eyes! 😉

Jamie Jo - January 28, 2011 - 8:55 am


robin. alicia. rei. :family:

this is the first time that this sweet family has had their photos taken.  they love telluride & wanted to spend a weekend there while the leaves were changing, so i met them for a beautiful afternoon!   we rode the gondola all around the mountain & laughed a lot as rei kept us very entertained…

robin, alicia, & rei-you guys are so cute!!!  thank you for a beautiful afternoon!!!


the winds of change are certainly blowing at our house…

i am, at this very moment, doing my very first blog post from my brand new office!  i secretly have this feeling that it’s going to change our lives…me having my own space, that is!  and i believe that with my whole heart!!!  i believe that having my own space will give us all freedom…give me a place to be ocd or really messy…a place to close the door and work without having to share it with anyone, or having a big tv two feet from my 27″ mac screen…a place i can decorate any way i want without having to collaborate or compromise with anyone else…where ecru flokati rugs are safe from sorbet…where i can safely, with pride report that “i’m in my office”!!!  it is a strange, freeing feeling.  i am so content.  i pr-omise to blog my new office soon…i have not hung things on the wall yet & it’s missing file drawers in the built in bookshelf that andrew made me-what’s that, you didn’t know he used to be a carpenter…and andrew will be making the drawers soon, so i’m not ready to share it until it feels really, completely finished & totally, completely done!

to top it all off…andrew is taking an interest in what i do!  he’s always been “interested” just not very “involved”…but, i won’t go there…not this time anyway!  i will get into this in depth very soon, because it is…of course…very fascinating!!!  but, through a strange & wonderful series of events we acquired a gaggle of film hasselblad gear.  and to make a long story short…andrew is obsessed with it!  and i love it!!!  he even takes it to work with him…it is so cute…and actually kind of hot!  so, we’re learning together…and he’s gaining an appreciation for what i do & how i do my photography.  we’re able to teach each other & talk about our images…we even have a really fun plan…!!!  it is going to bring a really cool element to my creative process… i cannot wait!!!

so, here are some of his images…at least i’m pretty sure that they are all his…i’ve barely shot with the hassleblads, but i’m really excited to get a lesson from andrew & get my film on…

all completely unedited, just straight from the camera

i am so impressed…even a little jealous…but mostly proud…kind of like dating the quarterback proud…

i’m sticking with digital, but… i am in love with film… are you in love with film too?

Paul Boyer - January 21, 2011 - 2:52 pm

Hi Jan and Andrew,
It’s great to see you “getting into” the Hassy equipment. Much better than having me sit around feeling guilty for not using it.

Think square,

Stacie - January 19, 2011 - 2:45 pm

I’m in love with HL and SE having the same patagonia jacket! And your pictures of course. :)


this is the scene at my house right now…i am trying to edit & andrew is shooting with his new fisheye on the hasselblad…

i am not having a cute day…

seriously, babe…you need to shoot when i look like this?!

cake-flavored chapstick. :olivia:

last night i stayed up a few minutes later…and thought about how i could have lost her in her sleep.  so, when i woke up this morning…before having my morning coffee…before letting the dog out…i hugged olivia a little tighter than usual…

one of my favorite things about having small children is checking on them before bed.  i love to sneak into their rooms when the lights are dim & watch my littles dreaming peacefully…they seem more like little angels than little people.  i pull their covers up & give them their lovies…and sometimes i get a sleepy smile or a request for one last kiss for the day.  i hug them tightly & put myself to bed knowing that my littles are snug…and warm…and peaceful…it is priceless.

last night i did my usual routine.  andrew was already nearly passed out, & since i hate to go to bed before 11 i wandered upstairs to see if my angels were happy in dreamland.   harper was so sweet in her new big-girl sheets & barely moved as i tucked her back in.  livi’s face was completely covered in her curly locks.  i pulled up her covers and put all of her babies by her head…and when she turned her head toward me i noticed something small resting between her lips…the cap to her chapstick.  it was just sitting there…and she was completely out.  i tried to wake her a bit…and asked her if anything else was in her mouth.  i took a peek inside & all seemed clear.  i brought the partially chewed cap & partially eaten tube of cake flavored chapstick downstairs & woke andrew up to tell him that our four-year-old could have choked to death had i not checked on her.  i was so thankful for her little life…and that i love to tuck her in…

this morning when we all got up…after her extra loves…after my coffee was happily in it’s cup with vanilla latte creamer…after the dog went out…i asked her about her near death experience.  she explained that she was pretending that it was a binky (pacifier) and must have fallen asleep with it in her mouth…she thought it was hilarious.  i tried to explain how it might be dangerous & that it scared me…and begged her to not do anything like that again.  i even told her that i might have to take away her beloved lamby if she doesn’t take me seriously.  i pray that she got my point…and although i might be overreacting a tad, i hugged her a little tighter this morning.

megan doke - January 16, 2011 - 2:16 pm

wow Jan! thankful she is alright and safe! there’s been so many times I’ve heard of mommies going in to check on their kids…and they’re glad they did for reasons like that. :) love you and miss you!