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Monthly Archives: February 2011


one of the things that i like the least about myself is this: since i have been a stay-at-home-mom with some time to kill every week i’ve fallen down the slippery slope of procrastination… sad, but true!  it is in no way my childrens’ fault… i let it happen!  and it has not always been this way… just ask my co-workers at the district attorney’s office!  i was o-c-d & hyper-organized & loved marking things off my lists!

things procrastinating could get you:

keeping a dress that you don’t want & can no longer return… paying for express shipping… almost getting a speeding ticket… forgetting your other memory card when your daughter is skiing… cold hands… almost peeing your pants… coffee without creamer… driving on fumes… staying up too late working when you should be drinking wine & snuggling your hubs… a forehead that moves again because the botox has worn off… yucky chipping toenails… blog posts waiting for their glory moment… headaches… wrinkly clothes… a completely full in-box… off-site back-ups that take a week… a shedding dog… a messy office… a crazy personal schedule… an argument… a terrible road trip play-list… having to watch a months worth of “pawn stars” with someone that actually loves it… taking your child to a birthday party on the wrong day… not a drop of wine in the house… no popcorn on family movie night… a lunchable instead of a natural, organic sandwich… overdue texts… people that stalk you via email… a stack of christmas cards that were never sent out… a years worth of taxes to be organized in one weekend… an unbalanced checkbook… filling up the entire cardboard recycling bin… no new netflix movies… a set of luggage under your eyes… leaving the house without sunglasses… a strange hotwire hotel room… blisters… empty walls… stress… confusion… dry-eye… among other things that may or may not have actually happened to me!

one of my favorite photographers recently posted about her own procrastinating.  i’d been thinking about it for months… sort of procrastinating actually typing it out, wondering if i would seem irresponsible to other moms & potential clients.  but, i think no differently of her, so it is another lesson for me in just following my instincts & being me & writing about whatever falls right out of my pretty little head.

like any other bad habit i beileve that the first step is acceptance & admittance, so… hi, i am jan schill… i procrastinate & by this time next month i resolve to no longer be a procrastinator!

kati - March 22, 2011 - 2:31 pm

this is my ultimate favorite post ever (except that it has no photos in it!). i am a procrastinator too. procrastinators unite!

an intimate bridal affair.

i am so excited to be part pf this exclusive event for brides… please join us next saturday at kennebec cafe…

dave. sarah. dante. :family:

i got to photograph these dear friends of ours last year.  it was one of my favorite sessions of the year… hanging out with a real family doing real things in their real home… it was wonderful is so many ways! i heart this family… you will too…

thanks dave.  sarah. dante….this session made my heart smile & has changed the way that i want to work with families…it was so fun!!!

reality tv.

i sat on the couch with a serious head-cold, a cup of tea, & a box of godiva… yesterday was the third valentine’s day in a row that i was sick… and i am rarely sick!  andrew sent flowers to all three of his girls… a wooden box arranegement of all my favorites + calla lilies because that’s what we had at our wedding, and two darling pink arrangements in pink heart vases for olivia & harper lynn.  that april albert at blossom really knows how to make flowers art!  so, after some delicious, greasy chinese & an evening under a blanket on the couch, i turned to my guiltiest pleasure for some comfort.  andrew went to our room to read-he’s such an intellectual.  half way through, i think during a beach scene, he came in to check on me… i think he was embarrassed for me that i was watching… the bachelor.  i haven’t seen it in years, but for some reason i fell for the trailers & tivo it every week.  i don’t watch much tv lately, and we had planned on ditching it altogether… i was supposed to cancel it last month… oops!  after a smirk, he looked at me & said, “let me know if your brain stops working from watching this”  so, i confess that i love reality tv.  who wouldn’t with substance like this…

hi, i’m jan, and i love reality tv!

Trista - February 16, 2011 - 12:04 pm

You’re not the only one with this guilty pleasure :)