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Monthly Archives: August 2011

avery. :newborn:

i feel really lucky to be a part of families & watch them grow!  after getting to spend some time at a real life maternity session with lisa, matt, aidan, & archer i waited patiently to find out of they would be getting a baby boy or a baby girl… i was thrilled when i found out that a girl arrived!  the second set of twin boys to get a baby sister this month… so exciting!  avery will be a busy little girl & a perfect addition to this sweet family…

to see miss avery’s slideshow, go HERE!

matt. lisa. aidan. archer. avery. – i love that you have a little lady in the house!  your sweet family is complete & i loved getting to see you all together!  congratulations & blessings, js

mckenzie. :newborn:

precious miss mckenzie is a gorgeous bundle!  i am so excited that nicole will have a partner in crime to help balance out mckenzie’s twin brothers, keegan & noah, and her curly-haired big brother luca!  her life will surely be filled of playful noises & dancing & flying across the pond to visit her daddy’s family!  james will absolutely call her darling in his charming british accent, & nicole will dress her exclusively in pink… i cannot wait to watch her little life unfold!  i love her real life… it is full of so much love…

nicole, james, keegan, noah, luca, & mckenzie… you are amazing!  thank you for a fantastic afternoon!

to see her slideshow, go HERE!

little racquet thrower.

this was olivia’s second summer of tennis.  every monday & wednesday morning she put on a cute tennis skirt, a pair of sparkly puma’s, & a curly ponytail to head to the court.  she swung, she chased, she got distracted & picked flowers, & on occasion she got really mad for missing the ball and threw her racquet!  yep, that’s right… she flung it through the air in anger.  my very own serena williams!  her instructors said they had never ever ever seen that happen before… a child had never thrown their racquet at tennis lessons… olivia broke the mold!  they were kind of impressed… something about a natural competitive drive.  i just kept picturing the imprint of her racquet on one of her friends faces.  nevertheless, it was fun & she tried really hard!  today is her last day… farewell summer tennis!

tuesday shoesday. :29:

happy tuesday shoesday from peru!

while i brave the jungle & see villagers get fresh, clean water i’m wearing these bad boys…

scarpa zen trail shoe for women:

hopefully they’re keeping my feet dry & bug-free while i’m fighting the mosquitoes!

sucker pooper.

i’ve been promising harper a lollipop if she’ll #2 in the potty!  it finally happened… once… a few weeks ago!

she was really proud of herself until she got tired of having her photo taken!