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this is where i had planned on posting a big, huge PERU blog… that will unfortunately have to wait, sorry!  i have very thankfully been super busy with life & work since returning from PERU, and since my time off is officially starting about a week after i return from a major thanksgiving trip i will have PLENTY of time to share PERU with you… and i,  myself have really been looking forward to a long day of hot coffee & peppermint oreos & re-living the amazing experience with the unforgettable people there!  it was incredible & i am praying to go back!!!

so, while you wait, just think of my making 26 hr trans-atlantic trips with these wild littles… it too will be amazing… JORDAN here we come…


hudson. :newborn:

on our last family trip to denver i had the chance to photograph sweet baby hudson when he was just about one-week-old.  andrew went to law school with ken & barbie, jen & heath… we have always loved them & we always try to see them when we’re in the front range!  jen is gorgeous and even sweeter than she is tall… and this barbie is seriously 6ft tall!  love her!  i’ve known heath just about as long as i’ve know andrew… heath is a very sweet guy!  we were so happy when they started dating… they make a perfect, shiny match!  i cannot wait to watch them raise this precious bundle!

heath painted all of the art in hudsons room… what a sweet daddy!

to see more of this perfect little family, go HERE!

heath. jen. sweet hudson. …thank you so much for introducing me to your son!  i love seeing you as a family!  happy sleeping!  blessings, js

call me.

hi friends!  i seem to be having a smidge of email trouble lately.  apparently some of you are not getting my replies & attachments… so sorry!  hopefully i can get it sorted out before i leave for thanksgiving.  i always, always, always respond to email, so please call me or write again if you do not get a response within 2 business days… 7 business days if you contact me close to thanksgiving day/christmas day.  thanks everyone!  happy emailing & happy holidays!

neil. linda. :maternity mini-session:

i cannot write a post about neil & linda without telling you 3 things about them… 1) we went on their first date with them many years ago in oklahoma 2) she can quote more movies than anyone i know- if i say something super random to everyone else, she always know what i’m talking about  3)they are my littles God-parents, so they’re pretty important to us…

neil & linda are some of the best people anyone could know… when that little one arrives we are going to spoil her to bits!

we have been thrilled to await the arrival of their little bundle… i expect a call any minute that she is officially on her way!

neil. linda. – we cannot wait to meet your little bundle!  olivia is ready to give her a dolly, harper is ready to give her a kiss, andrew & i are ready to tell her all about your antics!  we love you guys!

Stacie - November 9, 2011 - 3:37 pm

Look at that beautiful momma and belly! Such awesome pictures of two (and one on the way) awesome people!

Lila Blackburn - November 7, 2011 - 11:30 am


holiday deadlines…

hi friends!  are you ready for christmas… every store on earth sure is, ALREADY!

i have about 3 slots left this season for sessions or mini-sessions… if you’re a “last-minute-booker” you’d better get on the horn & schedule it before i close up shop for the winter!  i am unavailable during thanksgiving AND christmas this year… i am excited to be spending them both with friends & family from all over the world!  if you’re thinking of doing a “fun family snow session” better call me asap!  i take off from 12/4-3/1 and when i say that i’m closed i mean NO SESSIONS at all!  it’s a family time that i’ve committed to & a fabulous time for me to review, revise, & revamp my business plans for the upcoming year!  i love my work… and i love my time off!


book now or forever hold your peace… until 2012, that is!

prints & products order deadline is 12/9!

album orders that are started now & complete by 12/9 will be ready by valentines day!

call me if you’re having a baby or need birth coverage… i have a special place in my little black book for you special mommies!