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Monthly Archives: March 2012

i. blogged. march.

i did it!  it’s day 31 & i stuck with it!  i blogged march!

thank you for coming along for the ride!  thanks for allowing me to “heart” so many things & tease you with my future posts about peru!  i do love to blog… but this everyday stuff is a bit much, don’tcha think!  so, now that march is over i will not drop the ball or drop off the face of the earth & get so busy that my blog is left with march posts… but it’s august!  i’ve made a plan & i’m sticking to it!  here’s what’s coming up in april…

GIFTS… yes, gifts for you!  a few session giveaways to announce, some gift cards, and maybe even something from anthropologie!

TRAVEL ANNOUNCEMENTS… i might be coming to a city near you!  in the works for the rest of the year is travel to: albuquerque, denver, washington d.c., lima, hamburg, amman, beirut, & hopefully somewhere in southern california!  i’ve got my fingers crossed that by may i’ve got it all ironed out!

and much more… better come back tomorrow!  and that’s no joke!

peru… another wink :travel:

it’s coming very soon… a full picture of what i did in peru!  i’ve been obsessing over it for months.  i’ve missed the people.  i’ve wished i could bring home the children.  i’ve prayed for them.  i’ve rejoiced at the sight of their first drink of fresh, clean water.  and finally, i know i will see them again soon.  i have wanted to see them again so desperately that i have put off the possibility of a #3 in order to see their smiling faces later this summer.  to say these people are life changing is an understatement.  here is another peek at my story in peru… stay tuned for more…

i left a piece of my heart with these children… eating chocolate right off the tree, picking slightly less than ripe guava and limes just walking through the jungle.  smelling dirt and trash and citrus and fish frying in the afternoon after a short rain.  i am absolutely going to see these faces again.  i will hold the hand of the little girl in the yellow dress & bask in her gorgeous, shy smile.  i will see the change in their lives since they received two fresh water wells in their small village provided through the hearts and passion of tom & paula redding of mission outfitter.  the villagers will call me sister again soon.  and i will be abundantly welcomed and feel at home… missing my own precious children, but being welcomed back to the people in the jungle that i fell in love with one photo at a time.

i heart… map my run.

thankfully i have a  group of friends that has gotten me back into running… and pilates and swimming and, in general working out!  we run together at least once a week and wow, does it ever help to have friends on a long run!  however slow i might be these days, it is fun having friends to chat with… or trail far behind as i run straight uphill on florida!  along with my wonderful new running shoes & snazzy pink water bottle that holds my phone, i have picked up some technology!  map my run is my favorite new iphone app!  it keeps track of my routes, mileage, pace, and every other workout i do!

today i timed how long it takes me to walk home with harper from school… she’s kind of a mosey-er!

happy running everyone!

Jan - March 30, 2012 - 9:52 pm

thank you! you make a fabulous product! i hope i helped spread the word!

Sarah Nels - March 30, 2012 - 6:23 pm

Thank you! We heart you too!

book it.

hi there!  can you believe that it is almost april!?  we are having the most fabulous weather here in sunny colorado… i’ve even broken out my flip flops & summer dresses already!  this gorgeous weather is also inspiring my clients to get those spring & summer sessions booked, and i am so happy that they are!  here is how the next few months are shaping up for me…

april: 2 session slots left… i have a ton of personal travel, my birthday, & a wedding booked in mexico as well as the start of soccer season for my littles… and i’m sure to reveal my new brand & website/blog!

may: 5 session slots left… still soccer season, iron horse season, training for my 1/2 marathon, olivia’s birthday, more travel, designing our new home!!!

june: due to some fabulous circumstances that i will soon share, june is reasonably open… although this may change at any moment if i travel to germany to meet my new niece!  my littles have tons of activities this summer, and i’ll be running 13.1 miles with my besties on the 9th!

july: things get crazy again in july… get ’em while they’re hot!

august: i will be returning to peru, and my littles will be returning to school so space is very limited!

september & october always fill up & november is a little bit touch and go with the weather, and Andrew returning to the Middle East to leave me to fend for myself with the wild littles for a few weeks!

so friends, if you feel like planning your lives in 6-month chunks like i do it’s time to shoot me that email and get on the books!  with the house planning in full swing & two very busy littles with very full social/athletic calendars to keep up with i am looking forward to all the work, and even more play, that are coming my way in the months to come!

book it before it’s gone!  please!

tuesday shoesday. :34:

it’s another toms tuesday shoesday!

this week my favorite, simple pair of toms in my favorite color… canvas womens classic in ash!

toms is giving away one ticket to one lucky winner each week to follow your purchase around the world & see it in action.  i have been placing a few toms orders in the off chance i could get the ticket… it feels a little willy wonka-esk, but i’ve got to try!

happy toms tuesday shoesday everyone!