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blog post hoarder.

ok, i confess… i’m a hoarder.  a blog post hoarder.  i have been planning the reveal of my new brand & in the midst of all of the other life that has been going on at my house i have held on to every blog post that i have planned for the last, oh, six months.  i apologize.  my well intentions have turned into afternoons spent outside catching butterflies, glasses of wine & mad men reruns with A, and pinterest.  i’m hoarding all the good stuff for my clean slate…. and watching the time fly by.  i desperately want to over-share and give away prizes, & tell you about how i was criticized recently by another mom for choosing to work & travel which caused me to miss a preschool soccer game- i know, how dare i, right!?  i planned to go on-and-on about how much i am obsessed with the color of the season, orange in case you didn’t get the memo, but i just can’t.  not here.  not now.  i want to save it… all of it.  for later.  i am simply hoarding everything for the new site… the new blog… the new business name.  and i’m thrilled to do so soon, because it’s ready!  i’m just, well, not ready.  i expect to be able to come up for air from the madness that has been the life of the schill family in mid-june… then you’ll see it & i’ll get back to blogging!  hopefully.   but first, i get to travel to germany, jordan, & isreal with my cameras & a notebook… so, i hope no one will tell that mom that i left town & missed a tennis lesson.

until then…

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