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a-z of me

andrew- hubby, attorney, guy that can make wood furniture and fix everything
bartlesville, ok-graduated high school, miss my mama
coffee, cake, and candy-yes please!
durango, co- we moved here in 2007
everyday i do something fun with livi
friends-i’ve got the best ones in ok & co!
ghana, africa-where we hope to adopt a son & build homes there too
harper lynn-means musical cascade, my bright-eyed two-year-old & sweet girl
internet shopping-yes please, just don’t tell andrew
jesus- he’s amazing
keep too much stuff, you should see my pile of magazines
love: brown & grey, lower case letters, baking, cooking, wine, swimming
missions-i hope to do photography for & support by giving back
norman, ok- where i went to college, got married, love to visit often
olivia (livi)-means olive tree, my first born is 3, she is so smart & fun!
photography-obviously!  i always have a camera with me
quiet-i need a few minutes of it everyday
recycling- love to do it!
siberian husky-annapurna (anna) just turned 6
three-fave #, add any # up & if it totals 3/6/9 it’s divisible by 3-so cool!
usually love cooking for my family 3-4 nights/week
very good at multitasking
world travel-i want to see everything!
xylophone-hl got one as a gift (x is hard!)
years ago i ran a marathon & was prego when i did a triathlon
zany-one who acts the buffoon to amuse others, yep sounds about right!

to find out more about me & my work go to my website by clicking here!

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