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funny things livi says.

me:”you’re going to have to wear jeggings, you don’t have tights that match this dress.” o:”o don’t like these jeggings, they look like jeans!”-oct little guy at preschool:”ohhh, olivia, where did you get those curls?” o:”from God!”-oct o:”mommy, i am still praying for a baby brother.  do you think you & daddy can work on […]

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funny things livi says. :durango, co mom-ographer:

“i  need you to wipe me really good so i don’t freak out!” -to me 2/10 “mommy, what’s crap?” -to me as we ate lunch 2/10 “are you potty trained?” -to our nanny-sitter, miss ashley 2/10 “i’m going to turn harper’s volume down” -to me in the car 1/10 “mom, i don’t need a coat!  […]

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Jamie Jo - February 14, 2010 - 4:09 pm

Love that post!

the funny things livi says…

“mmm, those mashed potatoes are scrumptious!  my tummy wants more of that!”-08/09 as i was making steak, mashed potatoes, and watermelon for dinner.  then she proceeded to take the bowl of my kitchen aid & a large spoon and sit on the kitchen floor to eat the rest as if it were cake batter-she fed […]

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