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they are mine.

sometimes they are as sweet as you can imagine any little girls being, sometimes i count the minutes until bed time so i can relax in peace & forget about the 100 times i asked them to “stop” & “share” & “work it out” & “wait just. one. SECOND”!   no matter how wild or wonderful […]

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toothless wonder. :olivia:

after days in the amazon jungle of peru & a very long trek home, i slid into the passenger seat of my car and looked around at my family… i needed a shower, but we were all together again as we should be!  i asked what everyone has been up to & olivia quickly announced […]

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olivia. :kindergarten:

somehow it happened.  i woke up one morning & she was 5, talking & walking & becoming a real person.  no longer a baby or toddler or preschooler, a little girl.  a young lady getting dressed for her first day of kindergarten.  i knew it was coming & even looked forward to it for months… […]

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olivia. :5:

somehow, and i cannot figure out exactly how, five whole years have passed since our sweet first born daughter was welcomed into our lives!  i remember it like it was yesterday… she was like magic!  olivia is the sweetest, most thoughtful child that i know!  her imagination inspires me & her hugs make everyday better!  […]

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