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blog post hoarder.

ok, i confess… i’m a hoarder.  a blog post hoarder.  i have been planning the reveal of my new brand & in the midst of all of the other life that has been going on at my house i have held on to every blog post that i have planned for the last, oh, six […]

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hello, may!

oops, i did it again!  another well intentioned month of blogging & i got too caught up to publish. i did celebrate a birthday… a really wonderful one at that!  i rode the train with olivia.  ran with my besties.  booked a trip to visit my photog besties in austin.  walked all over creation with […]

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summer dress thyself.

one of my favorite things about the arrival of spring is that it will quickly be dress-wearing season!  i love dresses!  i could wear a dress every day of the year!  these are a few of my favorites for summer.  for errands.  for dinner with friends.  for date night.  for everything!dress thyself well for summer […]

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who are you.

lately i have been reading quite a bit & sometimes i wonder how  authors have the nerve, the guts, the real actual gumption to write.  how do they make out these wild tales?  are the thoughts of their audience so insignificant that they write for themselves or are they just so confident that they know […]

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less overwhelmed.

after my little “i’m so busy” pity party the last few days i had a nice chat with my friend/decorator extraordinaire becca & got affirmation that it is indeed difficult sometimes to control the lists as a mom, wife, friend, small business owner, athlete-type-person-wannabe, and obsessive traveler.  friends can be so wonderfully validating, can’t they! […]

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Becca - March 20, 2012 - 8:44 pm

You really do have genius friends, don’t you?

[…] please laugh with me as i share some of my favorite pins from my pinterest board… […]