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  • hi! i’m jan…

    welcome to my little home away from home!
    stop by often to see my most recent work with my amazing clients & my frequent antics with my first loves... my family!
    i have two littles, a busy husband, a naughty siberian husky, & a havanese puppy! i'm also in love with traveling, so expect to see some of the world from time to time!
    i've got a rad shoe collection that i'll tell you all about on tuesdays... check back to see what i'm gabbing about the rest of the week! i love to share my real life craziness... the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the random, the grammatically incorrect, the uncensored... if it's personal & real, i love it! i hope you love it too!
    i am based in durango, colorado... i would love to come meet you in your part of the world asap!!!


    thanks for stopping by!
    blessings, js

i heart… sunnies.

why yes, i did just get all rachel zoe on you & refer to my sunglasses as “sunnies”!  i do love them!  i like my sunnies larger than my face & prefer that they come in a hard carry case that i can toss into my bag for safe keeping!  the next pair i get will be one of these…

they are all from the toms eyewear line!  in true toms fashion, one pair of glasses give one person in need sight… what an amazing gift!  i adore this company and the way the owner, blake mycoskie, followed his vision for helping those with the need for shoes to actually doing something about the problem by providing the shoes.  and now, he is doing the same good deeds for those losing their site!

way to go toms… i heart your sunnies!

matt. taylor. renic. nash. :family:

i had the pleasure of photographing this fabulous family in december before i took my yearly break from shooting.  they were my last booking for the year & i definitely felt as though we’d gone out with a bang after spending time with them!  they have so much love & life & fun in their home.  they are the type of parents that you just want to sit and have a chat with & the type of littles that you want to invite over for a play-date.  they were so much fun!  i loved this…

matt. taylor. renic. nash. – thank you for a lovely afternoon!  you reinforced for me how fun it is to work with families that are so in love with their littles!  blessings, js

to see more, go HERE!

summer dress thyself.

one of my favorite things about the arrival of spring is that it will quickly be dress-wearing season!  i love dresses!  i could wear a dress every day of the year!  these are a few of my favorites for summer.  for errands.  for dinner with friends.  for date night.  for everything!

dress thyself well for summer ladies!

click on the image or visit one of these online shops to get your own: shopbopmodclothruchepiperlime

who are you.

lately i have been reading quite a bit & sometimes i wonder how  authors have the nerve, the guts, the real actual gumption to write.  how do they make out these wild tales?  are the thoughts of their audience so insignificant that they write for themselves or are they just so confident that they know they’ve got a winner?  and in my own work… how does that… well, work?  am i that confident, that careless?  do i write or shoot for anyone else or really, really, REALLY for myself?  i’ve been forced to answer these questions in the last year.  i’ve learned that they are pretty darn important if you want to stay true to yourself & enjoy your work… my work.  and i’ve learned that self preservation is something i indeed value!  if i have to look behind my back at who really cares, who i need approval from, & who is spell checking me, i may as well just be happy with what i want to be happy with & turn my cheek to the rest.  it’s cathartic!  it’s inspiring!  i think we should all be so confident & careless in business!

i have been reading lewis carrol’s “alice in wonderland” to olivia.  it amazes me how O asks questions about the story… i’m shocked sometimes that she is listening so intently!  and, when i think about it, i too wonder like the famous caterpillar… “who are you”?  i think we can ask ourselves that at any age & in any stage if life.  i am thankful to have an answer.

i wondered who i am the most when i returned from peru in august of last year.  looking at these beautiful, kind people daily.  watching them live so simply, i wondered who i am to think i can help them.  even after watching the miracle of them getting life saving water i wondered what i could possible give them after they had given me so much hope.  so much life.  so much love, and hugs, and after welcoming me into their homes as a sister.  i missed my own family, but i never wanted to leave.  i miss them.  deeply.  daily.

i have realized lately the need for me to share my images of my time in peru.  the need for my work to do it’s work.  the first time i opened my hard rive after returning i sat paralyzed, staring at my screen and wondering where to start.  then next time was when i got an email with an image of the children there standing together in front of the church where we gathered… where i met them all for the first time.  where they hugged me.  called me sister.  and i fought back tears at the overwhelming sense of love i felt from these strangers that loved me just for coming to their little remote village in the amazon.  i opened the email, laid my head on my desk, and sobbed.  i cried like i had left my own sister behind.  it felt devastating.  i miss them!

soon i will, finally, share with you the faces that i came to love in peru.  the faces that i hope to return to in august.  the faces that make owning a camera and having a dream worth dreaming.

this little guy got fresh, clean water while i was there.  i am anxious to see his mischievous face again.  i know who i am as a photographer when i am in peru… who are you…


when dani, the fabulous owner & founder of bella dance studio, came to me i jumped at the chance to work with her talented dancers!  her studio covers every range from ballet- break dancing… and everything in between!  here are a few of my favorite images from a few different shoots i got to do with them last year… we’re getting ready to do some 2012… i cannot wait!  the fabulous miss dani is up first, enjoy…