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  • hi! i’m jan…

    welcome to my little home away from home!
    stop by often to see my most recent work with my amazing clients & my frequent antics with my first loves... my family!
    i have two littles, a busy husband, a naughty siberian husky, & a havanese puppy! i'm also in love with traveling, so expect to see some of the world from time to time!
    i've got a rad shoe collection that i'll tell you all about on tuesdays... check back to see what i'm gabbing about the rest of the week! i love to share my real life craziness... the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the random, the grammatically incorrect, the uncensored... if it's personal & real, i love it! i hope you love it too!
    i am based in durango, colorado... i would love to come meet you in your part of the world asap!!!


    thanks for stopping by!
    blessings, js

i heart… the hunger games.


have you read it… are you going to see it?  do you stop strangers that are holding the book at the local bakery & ask if they LOVE it?  i did… i am!  and i did!  it’s coming out in 48 hours, so if you have not yet delved into this addictive page turner you’d better get crackin’!  thankfully at least half of my friends have read it & are as excited about it as i am… we’re even having a special girls night dinner & a movie date instead of meeting for our monthly book club.  i’m sure it will, or has already, sparked some sort of “team peeta” and “team gale” rivalry among girls and, ahem, young women from around the globe.  i am waiting to see it on screen before i decide who i would prefer.  happy hunger games everyone!

winter mini-sessions.

one of the things that i love to do for my family clients is to offer seasonal mini-sessions.  they are a quick, 30-minute session that is mostly posed & get finished quickly & painlessly… it’s great for the camera-shy men too!  i really enjoy the change of pace that these session bring, & they get some photos to give as holiday gifts… everyone wins!  last year the weather was relentlessly rotten at every scheduled shoot.  thankfully my families were happy to work with my crazy fall schedule & we made all their sessions happen.  i love my clients!  you’ve already seen a few of last years mini-sessions, but here are more of my wonderfully cute families…

i will be offering summer mini-sessions this june… hope to see you there!

fun mommy tip. #13

feed the birds… (PSA: this craft is NOT for the nut butter allergic crowd!)

i love to do crafts & projects with my littles!  some projects, like this one, have to wait for warmer weather because they’re messy, but totally worth the wait!  i’ve been holding on to our old paper towel rolls just for this project… we loved it!

gather together: paper towel/toilet paper rolls – peanut butter – kid-safe knives – twine – bird seed – large dishes to hold pb & seeds – epipen if you’re not sure there are allergies to pb

poke a hole & run the twine through BEFORE the peanut butter extravaganza begins…

slap a huge gob of peanut butter on a plate, spread out all other materials & let them coat the rolls…

they may or may not taste-test the peanut butter…
harper always gets really into a project & her under bite comes out… i love it… several of the schills do this face…
roll it in bird seed… press firmly so they stick really well…
hang from a tree in a place the littles can watch from a window to see when the birds come for a treat!

fancy huh!

they may or may not stand in said window for a quite long time waiting to see if the birds have come… you may or may not do this too!


DISCLAIMER (because my hubby is a lawyer): my advice is simply that!  it’s not sound medical advice or approved by anyone else but me!  you should really ask your doc, ALLERGIST, midwife, local pd, dog catcher, fish hatchery, lactation consultant, fireman, meter maid, or someone else you trust before just doing what i say-unless you’re olivia or harper lynn!