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  • hi! i’m jan…

    welcome to my little home away from home!
    stop by often to see my most recent work with my amazing clients & my frequent antics with my first loves... my family!
    i have two littles, a busy husband, a naughty siberian husky, & a havanese puppy! i'm also in love with traveling, so expect to see some of the world from time to time!
    i've got a rad shoe collection that i'll tell you all about on tuesdays... check back to see what i'm gabbing about the rest of the week! i love to share my real life craziness... the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the random, the grammatically incorrect, the uncensored... if it's personal & real, i love it! i hope you love it too!
    i am based in durango, colorado... i would love to come meet you in your part of the world asap!!!


    thanks for stopping by!
    blessings, js

less overwhelmed.

after my little “i’m so busy” pity party the last few days i had a nice chat with my friend/decorator extraordinaire becca & got affirmation that it is indeed difficult sometimes to control the lists as a mom, wife, friend, small business owner, athlete-type-person-wannabe, and obsessive traveler.  friends can be so wonderfully validating, can’t they!

so, i decided to get it together & take control of my lists!

i rounded up some of my favorite paper products & started brain-dumping my lists into one place so that i can eventually get it all together & do things really, really well… back to work, life, and my sweet five-year-old miss O that has suddenly come down with an ear infection… super mom to the rescue!  when she recovers, & i get those pesky taxes done, i might actually get a blog post out before 8pm like i’ve been planning to do all week!

  happy friday dear cosmic void!

Becca - March 20, 2012 - 8:44 pm

You really do have genius friends, don’t you?

[…] please laugh with me as i share some of my favorite pins from my pinterest board… […]


did any mother on earth watch “i don’t know how she does it” & not 100% relate to “the list”?  i feel like there are a lot of movies that i can relate to these days… but this one hit a particular vein.  i know that it did not get fantastic reviews, but i just loved it!  i loved it so much that i watched it 3 times before returning it to netflix.  i laughed out loud quite loudly when she had lice… and i cried for her when she missed her sons first hair cut- thank goodness nanny ashley would never do that!

lately my list feels quite long… quite overwhlemingly overwhelming.  i feel lke i am being pulled in every direction.  i want to do it all, and i want to do it all very, very well.  and i wonder, can it be done… can it be done well?  i think it can.  i’m just to overwhelmed to really figure out where to begin.  sometimes something just has to give… like ordering take-out, and missing a good hair day now & then in lieu of a bun- i am so thankful that they are fashionable right now!  on top of my crazy endless lists i’ve added training for a half marathon, building a house, wanting another baby, and blogging everyday this month… oh, and have i mentioned that we’ve not yet finished preparing our taxes for our CPA- OOPS!  that is on the list for tomorrow… right after take O to yoga, take HL to guitar, make banana cake with cream cheese frosting, have drinks with an upcoming bride, & send this post out into the “cosmic void”… did you get the movie reference there?  hint: meg ryan & tom hanks classic!

so, goodnight dear void.  i’m off to prioritize my next list & pray that i can accomplish it really, really well tomorrow!

Jan - March 16, 2012 - 8:31 pm

thanks chad… doing just that! i appreciate it!

chad - March 16, 2012 - 9:59 am

just don’t forget to take a breath somewhere in there…


i know you have met her… this is harper lynn, otherwise known around here as HL.  she is cute & sassy… blonde… full of energy… demanding… & the most delightfully happy child when she laughs.  harper requires at least 10 consecutive minutes of snuggle time with her arms tucked in so that my arms can completely engulf her tiny, little body… and sometimes she wants butterfly kisses or sings london bridges while we snuggle.  i invite this sweet time as much as she will take it!  since she only has school 2 half days/week i have a lot of time with HL… i treasure this time with her, i know it will end eventually!  she’s getting to wear her piggies a lot more now that hat-wearing season is fading away as the snow melts.  i love our walks & talks… and i’m obsessed with putting her hair in piggies with sunnies if she’ll wear them to complete her look!

tuesday shoesday. :32:

hello late nighters… happy tuesday shoesday to you!

it’s true that i have a very, err, healthy obsession with shoes… expensive shoes to be exact!  i cannot get enough fancy, red-soled, soft leather, high-heeled goodness to satisfy my feet!  these shoes were my winter obsession and after Shasta puppy chewed through my standby flat, black boots i convinced myself that i absolutely could no longer match cute outfits without them…

gucci “sly web” flat boots!

they’re perfect!  completely flat… soft black leather… really comfortable!

please visit gucci to drool over a pair of your own!

becca roderick design.

this is the lovely becca roderick of becca roderick design.  are you reading her blog & completely addicted to the little nuggets of loveliness that she posts almost daily… me too!

i do not have many clients requesting head-shots, but occasionally someone comes along that wants something special & the idea of working with them just sounds like too too too, yes three too’s, much fun to miss- and it seems that working with friends is always more laughs than real work.  besides, these were not your typical turn & smile, marble background head shots… sign me up!  i love working with commercial clients that have a vision for the way the two of us can collaborate & come up with something really fabulous that will enhance their business.  becca is a lady with vision that knows what she wants!  she requested something clean & simple.  something to compliment her new website as she entered the world of interior design in durango after working for an a-list firm in new york.  we set up a mini-studio around the background of perfection that is her home downtown and got to work.  we were thrilled with our results!  here are just a few of our favorite images from the afternoon…

i could not choose between the black/white and color in these two…
if you are not yet stalking becca’s blog, please pay her a visit & leave her a sweet comment HERE!