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  • hi! i’m jan…

    welcome to my little home away from home!
    stop by often to see my most recent work with my amazing clients & my frequent antics with my first loves... my family!
    i have two littles, a busy husband, a naughty siberian husky, & a havanese puppy! i'm also in love with traveling, so expect to see some of the world from time to time!
    i've got a rad shoe collection that i'll tell you all about on tuesdays... check back to see what i'm gabbing about the rest of the week! i love to share my real life craziness... the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the random, the grammatically incorrect, the uncensored... if it's personal & real, i love it! i hope you love it too!
    i am based in durango, colorado... i would love to come meet you in your part of the world asap!!!


    thanks for stopping by!
    blessings, js

hello, march.

i was so excited yesterday to have a whole extra day this year… strangely excited, like i would be strangely productive.  i wasn’t.  i think that the only thing that i accomplished was finishing one book and starting another, and making tacos for dinner… big woop, huh!?  so i promised myself that i would make up for lost time & holding-pattern blog posts & blog EVERY SINGLE DAY in march!  it’s been a year since i took on such a challenge, & i rather enjoyed it!  i went through a sort of professional identity crisis in the last year after questioning why & how i do every little thing in this business.  and, after all of the twists & turns that come with the roller coaster of asking the real questions i have, thankfully, survived the ride & loved the answers i found.  it’s nice to be able to say that… nice to know why & how & where to go from here.

so, until then… i have a date with my husband, the latest tivo’ed episode of ‘modern family’, a glass of savignon blanc, some grey sweat pants, & a snuggle with this little guy…

that is unless andrew takes Shasta puppy to himself to snuggle…

see you tomorrow!

ryder. :newborn:

although i’m enjoying some fabulous time off with my family, i got out my gear for a session with this little guy!  i love my time off, but i treasure that fleeting time new parents have with their new little bundles, so i make an exception for them.  i treasure these sessions, our children grow up too fast!

please welcome  sweet baby ryder & his very cool parents…

ryder, jenny, & ivan- thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family!  you were absolutely worth taking a break from my break for!  blessings, js

and to see more of them, go HERE!

hello, again!

to say that too much time has passed since i have blogged would be an understatement!  so, hello again!  i’m here… breaking radio silence!

it has been the busiest season of my life- personally & work wise!  2011 was amazing… and i am so excited & shocked that it is already february 2012 actually!

since i last had a chat with you i traveled to the middle east, attended a career changing workshop, spent christmas with my family in oklahoma, put our wonderful home on the market & moved to downtown durango, bought land with mountain views & decided to build a house, worked with an amazing company to do a complete re-brand, attended the national prayer breakfast, & made some blissfully challenging business decisions that are already making my life so much easier!  you’ll have to wait until my new branding reveal to get the full scoop, but here’s a hint- i’m putting all of my efforts into what is real!  this year will bring about some wonderful changes… i love change!!!  so, hopefully now that we’re settled into our 100+ yr old home downtown & getting my ducks back in a row i will catch you up on what & whom i have been shooting, what i’ve been doing,  & i’ll even tell you all about how i’ve spent sleepless nights wondering if i have what it takes to be the mom i want to be in this crazy world of travel + photography!  this year promises to have an overdose of home building/interior design posts too… thanks to my interior designer Becca our new home will be smartly dressed & well thought out!

until then, please pray that our house sells & keep your fingers crossed that 3 whole months don’t go by before i sit down to get some blogging done!  i have missed you all!  i feel so blessed… i love this sweet life of mine!


this is where i had planned on posting a big, huge PERU blog… that will unfortunately have to wait, sorry!  i have very thankfully been super busy with life & work since returning from PERU, and since my time off is officially starting about a week after i return from a major thanksgiving trip i will have PLENTY of time to share PERU with you… and i,  myself have really been looking forward to a long day of hot coffee & peppermint oreos & re-living the amazing experience with the unforgettable people there!  it was incredible & i am praying to go back!!!

so, while you wait, just think of my making 26 hr trans-atlantic trips with these wild littles… it too will be amazing… JORDAN here we come…


hudson. :newborn:

on our last family trip to denver i had the chance to photograph sweet baby hudson when he was just about one-week-old.  andrew went to law school with ken & barbie, jen & heath… we have always loved them & we always try to see them when we’re in the front range!  jen is gorgeous and even sweeter than she is tall… and this barbie is seriously 6ft tall!  love her!  i’ve known heath just about as long as i’ve know andrew… heath is a very sweet guy!  we were so happy when they started dating… they make a perfect, shiny match!  i cannot wait to watch them raise this precious bundle!

heath painted all of the art in hudsons room… what a sweet daddy!

to see more of this perfect little family, go HERE!

heath. jen. sweet hudson. …thank you so much for introducing me to your son!  i love seeing you as a family!  happy sleeping!  blessings, js