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  • hi! i’m jan…

    welcome to my little home away from home!
    stop by often to see my most recent work with my amazing clients & my frequent antics with my first loves... my family!
    i have two littles, a busy husband, a naughty siberian husky, & a havanese puppy! i'm also in love with traveling, so expect to see some of the world from time to time!
    i've got a rad shoe collection that i'll tell you all about on tuesdays... check back to see what i'm gabbing about the rest of the week! i love to share my real life craziness... the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the random, the grammatically incorrect, the uncensored... if it's personal & real, i love it! i hope you love it too!
    i am based in durango, colorado... i would love to come meet you in your part of the world asap!!!


    thanks for stopping by!
    blessings, js

don’t even ask…

ok, so, no!  i didn’t change my logo to tofu!  and i’m not exactly planning on having anything to do with a red background.  and yes, it should be really easy for you to add a comment.  i’m not going to pretend to be really good at all this technology stuff.  dealing with cpanels and ftp programs and admin pages is not my cup of tea.  when i started all this craziness i thougt all i had to do was take pictures, edit them, give them to my clients and move on-HA!  it’s just not that easy when you add a blog and website to the mix.  i will say that the website was relatively easy once i chose the photos to use, but this blog is eating my lunch!  rather andrew’s lunch because he’s the one actually setting it up for me-bless his heart, he’s so sick of this stuff too!

so, hopefully soon i can post my entire month of april updates and the photos of precious baby jude that i’m excited to share.  sorry jen, i’m literally having technical difficulties!  let’s all have a moment of silence for my hopes to have my blog completely done & functioning by today-they have been dashed and i’m going to bed.  i know it would be easier to do something simple with a blog that doesn’t require all this contrived logging in and stuff but let’s face it, the schill family is not very good at keeping things simple.  anyone out there recall livi’s first birthday and you’ll see what i mean: chic-fil-a and pizza, a million cupcakes, a custom fondant cake for livi to destroy, beer-for the adults, two outfits for livi, a video of her entire first year, tablecloths, handmade paper flowers, a bubble machine- ring a bell?!

at least tomorrow is another day and i can beg andrew to finish dealing with this thing so that we can all move on with our lives!  see you then…

Stacie Boyd - May 11, 2009 - 8:55 am

Yea! I can’t tell you how excited I am for your blog! Be prepared…I comment a LOT. Love you friend!

jan - May 9, 2009 - 11:24 am

testing-almost done with this thing and i’m so excited!

so much to blog about:

i haven’t made a real post since the end of march and i’m really missing my blog time.  i have so much to tell you- a lot happened in april: easter, i turned the big 3-0, had a nice long visit in oklahoma, launched my website, and of course took tons of photos!  i’ll be posting those soon-hopefully by sunday if my schedule matches up to my big blogging plans. for now i’ll leave you with a few photos of olivia just being livi…dressing up in her “ballerina dress” and adding full fairy attire including wings, a wand, and rain boots for good measure! she’s hilarious! i love it when she dresses herself!


it’s seriously done!

my website is done! i’m waiting for it to go live! and now that the process of getting that done is over with i can take the time to sleep, and blog, again! i’m so excited! and i’m getting used to this new blog! i’ve got big plans for it! so, check back soon for some super snazzy blog posts, and check for my website- YAY!

if you found my blog through my website & want to see my older posts click here: schill family website

it will be up for a bit until i’ve logged some serious blogs on here!

Going the wrong way

We don’t know what we are doing with this new blog, but it is always fun to learn something new!!!

WEBSITE COMING SOON!  I’M SO EXCITED I CAN BARELY STAND IT!  AND THIS BLOG WILL FOR SURE START BEING UPDATED SOON!  the excitement of the new, real website and the easter season and my big upcoming birthday have been keeping me very busy!  and i’m not so good with new technology these days. sheesh!  blessings, js